Our Story…

RHBC Grand Opening.jpg

It all started when…

Founding owners Brendan Kuhlikin and Jason Collett saw the growth and development of the local area and decided there was an opportunity to create a boutique custom craft brewery in downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina.

We focus on a handful of outstanding rotating craft beer served fresh from the conditioning tanks, rather than getting distracted by an abundance of taps. We believe the beer tastes better when experienced like the brewers, fresh from the tank (no kegs, bottles, or cans to hinder the process).

Brendan Kuhlkin, owner and operator of several local restaurants, including Millstone Pizza & Taphouse, saw the opportunity to leverage the location and historic building for a boutique custom craft brewery, benefiting the customers who get great food and great beer.

Jason Collett, a local entrepreneur and long time brewer, joined forces to help create a unique manufacturing and delivery process, complimenting the inviting space to enjoy great pizza, fantastic beer, and wonderful friends in the heart of the brew house itself.

To round-off this great team, local brewer Jerod Jones came on board. The three gentleman together have created a great and memorable destination in Rock Hill, South Carolina, that focuses on great craft beer, good food, and a memorable space.